This qualification is concerned with the basic principles of nutrition underpinning the preparation of healthy food and special diets


Although there is no legal requirement to understand nutrition, a diet deficient in certain nutrients can lead to ill health and disease.  It could be argued that those preparing food for consumers and service users have a responsibility to provide healthy eating options.  This course helps to provide the knowledge required to achieve this aim.


  • Current government nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet
  • The sources of essential nutrients
  • The impact of diet on health
  • Catering practice which helps maintain food’s nutritional value
  • The main features of special diets
  • Planning and providing meals for those on special diets


For copies of full course syllabus go to www.rsph.org.uk

Duration and Assessment

1 day programme
20 question multiple choice examination leading to Level 2 certification


£40 per candidate plus VAT.  The minimum charge is for 10 candidates and includes the cost of certification.  Where there are more than 10 candidates an overall charge can be negotiated.

For further information contact David Taylor Training on 01273 689032 or email info@davidtaylortraining.co.uk

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